Gift Certificates Are Available For All Services

Gift Certificates are available at Brierwood Training and Wellness Center.

*Please read our terms and conditions before purchase.

* If you would like to purchase a gift certificate for the training center you can purchase one on the home page through paypal and send an email to [email protected] with your name and address and we will send in the mail the next day.

Gift Certificates

Terms & Conditions

All Gift Certificates issued by Brierwood Wellness Center Salon & Spa are issued subject to the following terms and conditions:

* Gift Certificates are void were prohibited or restricted by law.

* Gift Certificates cannot be used to purchase gift certificates.

* Gift Certificates are not valid until payment has been received and successfully processed by Brierwood Wellness Center Salon & Spa

* Gift Certificates are only redeemable at Brierwood Wellness Center Salon & Spa for the amount or service specified on the gift certificate, by the expiration date specified.

* Gift certificates are not redeemable for cash and cannot be returned for a cash refund, except as required by law.

* Any unused balance on the gift certificate will remain until redeemed or until the original expiration date,whichever occurs first.

* If the purchase exceeds the amount listed on the gift certificate, the redeemer is responsible for the difference at the time of the purchase.

* For security purposes, a recipient may be required to show valid I.D. before he or she can redeem the gift certificate.